Padraig “Paddy” McKee

Product Designer, Builder, Leader

Hello, Words!

I’m starting this blog to work on two personal goals:

1) Improve my writing: I want to write faster, clearer, conciser, and more compelling. Why?

  • Words can inspire, persuade and change the world.
  • Writing clarifies my thinking and sharpens my mind.
  • Writing builds muscle memory to communicate complex ideas, spoken and written.
  • Clear communicating is a crucial skill for leaders and remote workers.
  • Good writing is good design.
  • Words can help capture and attain people’s attention.

2) I want to share my ideas, thoughts, feelings and insights. Why?

  • To keep a public record of thoughts and brain dumps to reflect on.
  • I’ve got things to share that might be helpful to people.
  • A blog builds credibility and authority.
  • This blog will hold me accountable to write more.

You can expect to read about things I spend most of my time doing and thinking about:

  • design, product, and strategy,
  • being the only designer at a small company,
  • digs at real-life designs,
  • friction logging,
  • parenting and family life,
  • martial arts,
  • self-development,
  • and other random subjects.